Serenity XL Bariatric Alternating Pressure Mattress System
Item #: 61061

The Selectis Serenity XL was created with comfort in mind. For individuals looking for extra width or requiring higher weight capacity the Serenity XL adds even more features to the popular Serenity series.


  • Cell on Cell design prevents “ bottoming out” while ensuring inflated mattress in case of power failure
  • 4 cycle time settings (10/15/20/25 min) provides choice of therapy
  • Digital adjustable setting allows for customized pressure by resident weight up to 660lbs
  • 10” air cells for extra comfort and support.
  • 3 visual & audio alarms indicate low pressure, alternating or power failure.
  • Static mode for easy resident transfer.
  • Seat inflate option for extra comfort while in sitting position.
  • Max firm option provides quick inflate and keeps cells fully inflated for extra firmness
  • Quilted stretch fluid resistant, vapor permeable cover provides extra comfort
  • Heavy Duty bottom cover with rubber panels prevent mattress from sliding and abrasions
  • Lock out button locks deactivates control panel to eliminate tampering of the patient settings.
  • Newly designed easy to use CPR open/ close valve ensures rapid deflation.
  • Available in 42” & 48”


2 Year
Weight Capacity
660 lbs.