Serenity Low Air Loss Mattress System Cell on Cell
Item #: 61058

The Selectis Serenity alternating low air loss mattress system helps provide treatment for pressure ulcers through every stage.


  • Cell on Cell design prevents "bottoming out" while ensuring inflated mattress in case of power failure
  • 8” deep air bladders provide supreme comfort & pressure redistribution
  • Adjustable setting allows for customized pressure by resident weight
  • 10 minute cycle for alternating pressure
  • 18 laser air holes provides cool and dry environment
  • Audio alarm signals low pressure in mattress
  • Static mode for easy resident transfer
  • Quilted 2 way stretch fluid resistant, vapor permeable cover provides extra comfort
  • CPR valve ensures rapid deflation
  • Quick release tubing from pump


Weight Capacity (in LB)
350 lbs
Unit Dimensions