Replacement Pads and Cartridge for Philips Heartstart Onsite AEDs
Item #: 83065

This is designed for use in the Philips HeartStart OnSite and HS1 home defibrillator.The HeartStart defibrillator pads are designed for adult cardiac arrest victims over 55 lbs. The pads also show the proper placement for the lay responder for crucial, faster application times.


  • HeartStart Adult SMART Pads are appropriate for cardiac arrest victims 8 years and older, or weighing above 55 pounds (25kg) or more.
  • Use With Philips Medical Instruments M5066A, M5067A, M5068A (HeartStart HS1 Defibrillator)
PHILIPS HEARTSTART ONSITE AEDS pads and cartridges have been designed to help online casino players quickly. The Philips HeartStart OnSite and HS1 home defibrillator is easy to use and can be used by the layman for critical and quick applications to help save the adult victim, which could be an letitridepoker player. This Philips HeartStart OnSite item is available on our site for purchase by online casino players.


Product Category
Use with Non-Philips Healthcare Equipment
Product Type
Single-Patient Use OR Multi-Patient Use
Single-patient use
CE Certified
Sterile OR Non-Sterile
Minimum Shelf Life
30 months from date of manufacturing
Leadwire Length
1.4 m (4.6')
Temperature Range for Storage
50° - 110°F
Patient Application
Recommended Patient Weight
> 55 lbs.