Recumbent Stepper with Removable Seat
Item #: 85100

The Recumbent Stepper provides accessibility for patients who have limitations or are reliant on a wheelchair. The Recumbent Stepper allows for total-body, upper-body only, and lower-body only exercise benefits. The easy-to-read feedback windows display real-time cadence, step length, step count, watts, calories, METs, heart rate, time, resistance and symmetry. Clinicians can easily track patient performance and progress by downloading workout data. Seat assembly rotates 360-degrees to make it easy for users to enter and exit the machine both independently and with assistance. The seatback reclines for comfort and slides forward and backward for users of various heights. The seat is also removable for direct wheelchair access. Straps securely anchor to wheels so patients can perform total-body, upper-body only, or lower-body only exercise in their wheelchair.


  • The seat rotates, adjusts horizontally, and reclines
  • Adjust handles forward and backward
  • Download displayed workout metrics
  • Roll the seat away to allow for direct wheelchair access
  • The step ranges from 1 to 12.5 inches
  • The resistance is equal for arms and legs
  • Rotate handles for comfortable hand position
  • Console measures strength input on left and right sides


Weight Capacity
440 lbs.
Item Weight
257.53 lbs.