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Casinos are some of the most generous donors to quality medical equipment. The industry has donated more than $40 million worth of equipment since 1990. The donations help hospitals and clinics purchase the best technology to treat patients. The casinos such as, understand that their customers want the best possible service, and they are happy to give back in this way . The donations not only benefit the patients, but also the hospitals and clinics that receive them. The equipment that casinos have donated includes things like MRIs and CT scans, which are used to diagnose and treat illnesses. Many hospitals have said that this donation has improved patient care immensely, as they now have the resources they need to treat patients more effectively. This donation is a testament to the importance of quality medical equipment, and it shows just how much casinos appreciate the work that hospitals do. It is great news for both parties involved, and it will undoubtedly continue to improve the quality of patient care.


Allstate Medical has been serving the Long Term Care market for over 25 years. From our humble beginnings working from a basement office we have steadily grown in becoming leaders & experts in the medical equipment field. Allstate Medical now serves hundreds of health care facilities nationwide.