SoftPro® In-Bed AFO
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Ideal positioning AFO to treat mild plantarflexion (< 15 degree) contractures of the ankle / foot. This recumbent device comfortably maintains the ankle / foot in neutral while protecting the heel. The semi-rigid insert can accommodate a plantarflexion contracture of up to 15 degrees.


  • Orthotic therapy for mild contracture or abnormal tone and spasticity of the ankle and foot.
  • The AFO is made of a flexible material, and will provide a gentle dorsi-flexion stretch of the ankle / foot. Ideal for bedbound patients.
  • Adjustable toe post protects the toes; hip rotation bar can be used to treat internal / external rotation of the hip.
  • The SoftPro® In-Bed AFO has a non-skid pad sewn into the bottom of the AFO cover to facilitate transfers without having to remove the AFO.


Length of Foot: S: 6" - 8" | M: 8" - 10" | L: 10" - 11" | XL: 11" - 12"
Unit Dimensions
Max. Calf Circumference: S: 15" | M: 17" | L: 19" | XL: 23"