Sling,​ Combi,​ Solid Fabric,​
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Designed for general purpose, as well as single and double leg amputees, the Long Seat Sling is a rectangular shaped sling that allows the transfer to be completed with the elimination of any fabric between the patient’s legs. The Long Seat Sling is available with optional commode opening and in solid nylon, mesh, anti-microbial, wipe down and patient specific (disposable) materials. All Tollos Long Seat Slings are serial numbered and include color-coded binding for easy sling size identification. With the handles conveniently located on the back of the Long Seat Sling, patients and residents can be easily adjusted and positioned, eliminating direct contact with the caregiver. The Long Seat Sling consists of four loop-style color coded attachment points, ensuring proper positioning for each transfer. Long Seat Slings should be laundered at a maximum of 80C/176F and air or tumble-dried on low heat setting. Tollos warrants that all slings are free from defects for a period of six months from date of purchase.


  • Allows for quick cleaning. Simply throw the item in the washing machine per the instructions.


Weight Capacity
38" l
40" w
Machine Washable
Approximate Weight Guideline
125-174 lbs
Binding Color