Full Back Padded Sling
Item #: 71180
The Hoyer Professional 4-Point Sling is designed to be used exclusively with Hoyer lifts. The Hoyer 4 Point sling goes with the 4 point cradle. A sling is a specially designed and constructed piece of fabric, which is placed under and around a resident before being attached to the spreader bar/cradle of a lift to raise, transfer, and lower the resident. When selected and used correctly, a sling and lift will achieve a safer transfer, reducing the risks associated with manual handling. In order to be sure the 4 point sling selected will is what you need, first determine the type of transfer task(s) desired, together with the frequency with which they will occur. For instance, a sling that is to be used for toileting will require a commode opening. Hoyer recommends, and Vitality Medical agrees, that an assessment to decide which sling best suits the patient's needs by a qualified professional.


  • Durable construction
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Slings are size color coded
  • All slings come with easy to use handles
  • Machine washable


Weight Capacity
500 lbs.