Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair
Item #: 12107

The Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chair addresses the patient’s moving and/or positioning needs, making it an advantageous alternative to the standard wheelchair or room chair. Its design allows it to be self-propelled by foot, providing greater freedom of movement for patients at risk of falling and helping reduce agitation for those with cognitive impairment. The Dyn-Ergo promotes autonomy and is easily re-assignable. In addition, its user-friendly appearance and comfort make it easier for the patient to accept than a common wheelchair or geriatric wheelchair.


  • Adjustable seat height, seat depth, armrest height, recline, and tilt-in-space permit proper positioning while enabling safer foot-propulsion for users at risk of falls using standard wheelchairs.
  • Dyn-Ergo Scoot Chairs can increase personal freedom of movement to help reduce agitation for those with cognitive challenges.
  • Safely encourages  independent mobility and enhances personal dignity while providing correct positioning and support.
  • New Pressure Redistributing Cushion
  • Equipped with comfortable removable/replaceable cushions using healthcare grade High Resiliency foams upholstered in contract grade leatherette or Crypton™.  COM also available.  Meets CA 117. Boston Fire Code Available.
  • Available in five different widths: 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″ and 24″


Weight Capacity
250 lbs; 400 lbs. for 22" and 24" width
Item Weight
16" - 46 lbs. | 18" - 49 lbs. | 20" - 52 lbs. | 22" - 62 lbs. 24" - 65 lbs.